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The most powerful English word is the simple three letter Y-E-T. It's powerful because it can change the direction of thought.

From one's current vantage point, real change may seem impossible. But is it? Or are we just not taking action, yet.

I recommend adding YET to any negative thought or sentence you produce. What’s the worst that could happen? It would sound a little stupid? OK, if it would be too embarrassing to try it out loud, try it just in your head. If you hesitate because of fear of embarrassment (at your own THOUGHTS?), that’s something you haven’t gotten around to addressing, yet.

Part of solving a problem is defining it clearly. Maybe that’s why we spend so much time defining and re-defining our problems. There is value in defining, it can lead to focus. Unfortunately, we frequently define problems using “can’t, haven’t, never, didn’t, don’t, aren’t” and all their friends. Is there an equalizer?

Try this: Add the word “yet” to any negatively stated problem. Here are a few: “I’m not committed to my exercise routine, yet.”

“I haven't made my relationships work, yet.”

“I don’t have my finances where I want them, yet.”

“I don’t know much about tech or social media, yet.”

“I’m not on the right career path, yet.”

Harnessing the power of yet takes one little conversation with yourself. It takes a real answer to one question....."Which do you prefer, having problems, or having problems in the process of solution?” If your honest answer is having problems works better for you, I’d say you are not ready for the power of yet, yet.

We are all works in progress. We cannot plot our exact paths. But we CAN steer. When we use the power of YET in our thought process, we turn the wheel in the best direction.

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