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Cover of Evolutions of a Law Practice book



How I Opened My Own Practice Right Out of Law School...and lived to tell about it

A memoir from the trenches of law practice

Available on Amazon in book or kindle format
Endorsements from practicing attorneys

“Not only did Barry launch his law practice right out of school, he is passionate about the business of law practice and the well being of other lawyers. He has inspired and helped many lawyers start and/or improve their practices. This book not only tells his story, it gives insights into the issues and thought processes that go into starting, growing, evolving, and succeeding in practice. There are many life lessons in here too!”

Robert Kaplan, attorney, NYC 

"When it comes to starting and building a practice, Barry leads by example. This is an inspiring memoir, with practical ideas and insights for law practice as an entrepreneurial venture.

Joseph Neiman, attorney, Hackensack, NJ

Lawyers in practice enjoyed this book
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